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Noxen's Rattlesnake Roundup

The Annual Noxen Rattlesnake Roundup summer tradition is slithering back to Wyoming County this weekend.

NOXEN, Pa. — The Rattlesnake Roundup is just like any other summer fair with food, games, craft booths, and live bands but you'll probably hear some more hissing than you would at any other carnival this season.

It's a tradition dating back to 1973.

There's a competition for who can catch the biggest rattlesnake in a 50-mile radius.

The snakes are never harmed during the roundup.

Hunters licensed by the Fish and Boat Commission catch, measure, and mark the snakes so that they can be returned to where they were originally found.

The Rattlesnake Roundup goes until Sunday night in Wyoming County.

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