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Noxen is ready for the Rattlesnake Round Up

The popular and unique Rattlesnake Round Up fundraiser takes place June 16 through June 19 in Wyoming County.

NOXEN, Pa. — The food stands and carnival rides are set up for the Noxen Volunteer Fire Company's biggest fundraiser — the annual Rattlesnake Round Up.

"This is the one that counts," said Noxen Assistant Fire Chief Matthew McCormack. "This is the one that keeps us open, puts the gas in the trucks, and lets us put the wet stuff on the red stuff."

"Typically, just a fireman's bizarre with a twist," added Assistant Chief Jonny Headman.

On Saturday and Sunday, there's a competition for who can catch the biggest rattlesnake in a 50-mile radius. When the Rattlesnake Round Up is over, the snakes are returned to where they were found.

"Pretty much any species of snakes in Pennsylvania on display Saturday and Sunday for educational purposes," explained Headman. "But really, what we are is just a good old fireman's bazaar — food, music, family atmosphere, and fun."

Organizers tell Newswatch 16 that, like everywhere else, attendees might see an increase in prices at the Round-Up.

"A lot of our food's going to go up a little bit, maybe 50 cents to $1, depending on what it is," said McCormack. "That's the biggest expense. That's the biggest increase that we can see. We try to keep it where it's affordable for the whole family to come, and it's just tough. I mean, we're forced to raise our prices on some stuff. We're trying to hold the line as much as we can."

"To just raise funds for our fire department to keep us going for lifesaving equipment," added Headman.

Despite that slight increase, firefighters hope this year's event will be as successful as last year.

"We hope to see everybody here. We hope everyone has a good time. You know, it's great for kids. It's great for adults. Plenty of food, plenty of fun," added Headman.

The Noxen Volunteer Fire Company Rattlesnake Round Up kicks off Thursday at 6 p.m., continues Friday at 6 p.m., with Saturday and Sunday beginning at 1 p.m.

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