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Golf courses seeing uptick in golfers this summer

Many golf courses and country clubs across our area have seen an increase in golfers this summer, including one in Wyoming County.

FALLS, Pa. — Golf courses across our area have seen many more golfers hitting the links.

For those hitting the course, it's something to do to stay active, and it's actually allowed during the coronavirus.

When Emanon Country Club was purchased back in 1956, the group of owners didn't know what to call it, so they named it "no name" backwards. This summer, the short but tricky course in Falls has made a name for itself, because golf is one of the only activities people can do during the pandemic.

"It's a sport where you're in the open air. You're not having a lot of close contact with the people you're playing with. You can play with yourself. Or, if you're playing with a foursome, you're not interacting with anyone inside the 6-foot range," Len Benfante said.

Because golf lends itself to social distancing, officials with the country club in Wyoming County say that over the past couple of months, the number of golfers who have come here to play around or join as members have increased. The lack of rain throughout the summer has also helped. Golfers add that getting out on the course can also serve as a little bit of an escape from everything else going on in the world.

"We were admiring an eagle flying overhead today on the 10th hole," Joe Graham said. "He was just soaring with no care. Then we turned around, and we saw a mother deer sprint across the fairway, followed in close order by a baby. The things you see on the golf course that are natural are as interesting as the game itself."

"People have nothing to do; they're looking to get out of the house. I know before the course was open, I was up here walking, going for walks around the golf course, just to get out," Benfante added.