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More than a dozen cats abandoned outside shelter

More than a dozen cats were found dumped outside in terrible condition.

MESHOPPEN, Pa. — Last Wednesday morning, volunteers from the Meshoppen Cat Rescue arrived to start their day caring for the many cats and were shocked at what they found.  Three carriers filled with cats, abandoned outside the rescue overnight.

"They found three small blue and black carriers like the one that's over there, sitting in front of the garage door outside," said Paula Foux, Meshoppen Cat Rescue.

The 12 cats were found outside on a day with cold, wet, and rainy weather. And it was fortunate that the volunteers found the animals when they did.

"The mothers were all their eyes were all matted it with green discharge coming out of them, and some of the babies were already their eyes were matted. So they were already, you know, a little sick, but we started them directly on antibiotics with our vet's advice," said Foux.

Paula says the rescue is already overwhelmed and can no longer take on anymore cats. Over the last few weeks, Paula says they've acquired more cats than they can handle, and it is putting a strain on the volunteers and the budget.

"We love these cats and kittens so much, and we do not want them to perish. Where well above our quota. Our quota is 80 cats, and now we're up to about 150 cats and kittens," said Foux.

The people at the rescue in Wyoming County say they'll gladly accept donations or help with the cats or any information on the person who left the recent group of cats.  Paula says what it cost the person to buy three new cat carriers could have easily paid to have the cats spayed.

"And then we wouldn't have this overpopulation private problem because it's all over. It's not a cat problem. It's a people problem."

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