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'Zensory Zone' offers relief for those with sensory disorder

Kids with autism or sensory processing disorder don't always have a safe place to be entertained and not get over stimulated.

LAKE ARIEL, Pa. — It's hard for people not to feel overwhelmed these days, but if you have a child with autism or any type of sensory disorder going somewhere noisy or distracting can trigger their anxiety.

Samantha Kunz knows this all too well. Kunz is a social worker and has ADHD and struggled to find what helped her calm down and refocus.

"I knew that medication couldn't only be the answer, so some of these things in here are things that I started doing. I started being mindful. I started using light therapy. I started using sensory items to help regulate my emotions," Kunz said.

About a year ago, Kunz decided she wanted to create a safe space for others to use, especially kids. That's when her plans for the Zensory Zone in Lake Ariel began.

"I think often children and adults are pushed to do certain things in our work life or home life, and we never really get to sit and listen to ourselves. In order to do that, we have to be an environment that produces a calmness to us."

The Zensory Zone offers several types of therapy. Kunz says the light therapy room has helped her ADHD and is also helpful to people with PTSD. The sensory swings are for compression therapy to help feel secure and calm.

The Zensory Zone is the first of its kind for Wayne County, and Kunz says it was important to help her community in a new way.

"I did choose this community because this is my community. This is the community that I serve. I needed a place like this. My son needs a place like this. My family and friends need a place like this, so this is where I chose."

Kunz says the Zensory Zone will be taking appointments, and the space should be complete and ready to go in a couple of weeks.