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The winter that won't end in Wayne County

We all knew it was coming and some hoped it would: more snow and people either love it or think they're stuck in a time loop and want to get out!

HAWLEY, Pa. — "It's Groundhog Day. You shovel it, and just like Dan from DPW said, you shovel it, and you wake up and do it all over again," said Jeanette Toc of Honesdale.

"It's a never-ending snow globe, that's for sure, like someone's shaking it," said Sean Barton of Hawley.

However you look at it, many people are thinking, "Here we go again!" Snow started to fall in Wayne County around 11 a.m. and added up quickly.

Palmyra Township DPW workers didn't waste any time putting cinders down on the road. Joseph Kmetz says this winter has been taking a toll on the equipment.

"In the beginning, it was great because we got a lot of work, got some time in, but now the equipment is breaking down, and we don't have as much. And I'm ready for spring," said Kmetz.

The snowflakes fell fast and furious, changing road conditions from good to bad, and drivers we spoke with say it wasn't fun.

"The underneath it's too wet/ You're sliding all over the place. I'm two minutes from here. I'm going home, and I'm staying there," said Shyanne Webster of Lake Ariel.

"It's sticking to the roads real fast, so I mean, that's going to be a little treacherous, but it should be done soon. Let's hope so. Spring's around the corner," said Barton.

DPW workers and plow truck drivers have had their work cut out for them this winter, and there is likely more winter weather to come.

"You have to give kudos to DPW this year and PennDOT as well. I see them out there every single time. They do not take breaks, so be easy on them. They're catching up," said Toc.

It's 26 days left until spring begins, in case you weren't counting.