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Celebrating 111 years in Wayne County

Newswatch 16's Courtney Harrison was there for the festivities at her nursing home and tells us why staff wanted to make her birthday special.

WAYMART, Pa. — Wayne Woodlands Manor resident Jane Carpenter is celebrating her 111th birthday in style. Staff members arranged for Jane to take a ride in a convertible around the parking lot to feel young again and feel the wind in her hair.

The nurses and aides who care for Jane say she is the oldest person at Wayne Woodlands Manor, so it was important to do something special for the milestone birthday girl, who they lovingly call Grandma.

"She's an inspiration to everybody to actually live to be that age," said nurse Melanie Connor.

The car ride was just the beginning of Jane's 111 birthday festivities. After her car ride, Jane was treated to a room full of decorations, a DJ, and of course, birthday cake. The staff says Jane doesn't talk too much, but she did have a few things she was looking forward to from the minute she woke up.

"I think the cake, because does like her sweets when she gets up, and I think I think being with the other residents too I think she's looking forward to because she does recognize the other residents and she'll reach out for their hands and hold their hands," said Lisa Yacinovich.

Living more than 100 years old is something to celebrate, so what's Jane's secret?

"I think her secret is actually she's not on a lot of medications. And that's what keeps her going," Connor added.

Jane has lived through two pandemics and still keeps going. The staff at Wayne Woodlands Manor thinks she'll still be here next year to celebrate 112.

"Next year, we're going to have to do fireworks," said nurse Tielynn Davis. "We're going to have to buy her something even bigger."

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