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Wayne County among those ordered to stay-at-home

Residents of Wayne County react to stay at home order.

WAYNE COUNTY, Pa. — It was a beautiful afternoon in downtown Honesdale with people trying to get some fresh air and abide by social distancing recommendations.

It was about the same time as Governor Wolf expanded the stay-at-home order to nine new counties including Wayne.

It's all to help slow the spread of Covid-19.

"We've been watching how many cases are in Wayne County and a week or two ago, there was only one case. Now it's six.  So it's multiplied a lot," said John Feeny of Honesdale.

Despite not having as many cases as some of the other counties in our area, Wayne County does have many people from neighboring states who have second homes here.  

"And I think they're welcome.  It's okay.  It's their homes too, it's their place. They help us out in the summertime with businesses and whatever, but if they just listen to what the Governor says. Stay home.  There's stores that will deliver to you," said Chrisleen Rea.

Wayne County Commissioners have been working to keep the county running smoothly while people have been asked to close non-essential businesses and limit unnecessary trips. 

"We've evolved with this over a period of time and I'm very proud of the people that work for the county and they've done the things we've asked them to do.  We did have a chance to get ahead of the curve and I believe we are ahead of the curve," said Commissioner Brian Smith.

Wayne County Commissioners say this is the same thing they've been asking people to do for for last two weeks, it's just now the Governor has made it official.