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Star shines to honor health care workers, pandemic victims

Most communities are starting to think about taking down those holiday decorations, but a borough in Wayne County decided one shimmering display is staying.

HONESDALE, Pa. — The holiday season is behind us, but in the borough of Honesdale, a prominent symbol stands out in the night sky.

An LED star shines brightly atop Irving Cliff, overlooking Honesdale each December.

This year it's staying lit well into the new year, serving as a beacon of hope.

Kim Fisch, President of Greater Honesdale Partnership, said in a normal year, the star only appears for a short time.

"That stays lit usually until epiphany," she said. "Someone from the Wayne Memorial Health Care systems came to us and said, 'Can you go to the council and ask if it could be lit a bit longer?'"

The council agreed, and now the star will be visible each night for weeks to come.

The borough hopes the light from above can lift spirits each night, even as the pandemic trudges on.

"It's to honor all the health care workers who've worked tireless forever, it seems like, and then for those who have passed and their families, to kind of give them a little bit of hope," Fisch said.

Honesdale resident Christine Sites welcomes the star's light and its message.

"Everybody needs it. You can't help but think about everybody that's dying," Sites said. "You hear it on the radio every day, so you can't not think about it. You have to stay positive somehow."

She's hoping the symbol can give healthcare workers a boost in the battle against COVID-19.

"For them to stay positive, too. I feel like everything is just messed up," she said. "That's just how you could put it, it's messed up. You want to see better."

"I hope they know that the community is behind them and that we really appreciate all of their efforts and the tireless work that they do in caring for our loved ones who are in the hospital," Fisch added.

The star will remain a fixture above Honesdale until March 1.

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