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Skeletons hanging around Honesdale to raise cash for art

The Wayne County Arts Alliance wants you to check out the artistic anatomical figures and find out how you can get one to make your house the scariest on the block.

HONESDALE, Pa. — The Wayne County Arts Alliance recruited some of its "bone-afide" artists to design and decorate 13 different skeletons.

These bony beings all have a different theme and will raise money to keep art alive in Wayne County.

"It's important now to be able to have a project where people can see the wonderful creations of our members. Many of our projects for this year have been canceled due to COVID-19," said Wayne County Arts Alliance Executive Director Janet Gaglione.

The Wayne County Arts Alliance reached out to area businesses along Main Street in Honesdale, asking them to support the organization by displaying one of the unique skeletons in storefronts, including Nature's Grace Natural Foods & Deli.

"I love to have new stuff in the front windows to display and draw in customers and just to get local artists and people in the area to be able to display their stuff," said Nature's Grace Natural Foods & Deli manager Skye Sugrim.

Businesses may also benefit from having these skeletons on display. People who are making a scavenger hunt out of finding all 13 will be visiting place that could use the extra foot traffic.

"Many are open with limited hours or limited availability now, so if we could help shoppers, audience, people into our area businesses as well as viewing our wonderful artwork is a win-win for everyone," said Gaglione.

"Where did it come from? I've seen those around! Especially with the skeletons. People have been seeing the other ones around town and it creates a sense of community. They love it," said Sugrim.

For the past six years, the skeletons were auctioned off during a Halloween fundraiser. This year, people will be able to bid on them virtually.

"The skeleton project is our big fundraiser for the year, so we encourage everyone to pick a skeleton and bid on it and help us out."

The online auction will be open for bidding from October 1 until October 15.

You can find more information on the auction on the Wayne County Arts Alliance website.

Posted by WAYNE COUNTY ARTS ALLIANCE on Monday, September 14, 2020