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Correction officers race to raise funds to aid 6-year-old battling cancer

Adaleigh Evans is battling a rare form of cancer and her father's colleagues found a fun way to help raise funds for the family.

WAYMART, Pa. — 6-year-old Adaleigh Evans and her parents Brandon and Jena, received the worst news back in October after finding a large lump on Addie's shoulder.  

It was cancer, a rare form that her family says came out of nowhere and changed their world.

"You don't ever want to see your kids in any type of pain. So it was a very, very emotional time and it still is," said Brandon.

Brandon is a corrections officer at the state prison near Waymart.  

He says he found out some of his colleagues on his shift had challenged each other to a foot race to support Addie.

"I'm like what is this? You know? And I don't like this this this has to be a joke and they were like no like they stepped up and they wanted to do this for you guys," said Brandon.

"We are giant family inside of there. When one of us hurts we all hurt. So you got to step up and help your fellow comrades," said Marc Fenkner.

This past Sunday after their shift was over, Justin Gisinger, Wilfredo Mejia, and Marc Fenkner ran the self-declared "Fat & Furious 100 yard dash" in Waymart.  

Those in attendance made a donation to watch the three race to the finish line.  

The winner getting a box of donuts and the money raised was given to Addie's family.

"We put ourselves out there and made a fool of ourselves, me wearing a cape and all that you know, just for Addie but it could be anything more than that. Something much bigger for everyone in the world," Wilfredo said.

The trio also challenged the other shifts at the prison to a race and the winner of each race faces off in a final battle.  

Addie just received a triple dose of chemotherapy on Monday night, but this little girl still has her humor and her parents are thankful for that.

"Keep the smile on her face. That's that's one of the biggest thing. I mean, we're really just taking it day by day. That's all you can do right now," Jena said.

On December 12th, there is a benefit for Addie.  

The "Buzz Off" will have people donate money to have their own heads shaved like Addie's.  

There is also a GoFundMe page set up to help Addie's family with medical costs.

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