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Rainy Spring Delaying Construction Projects

HONESDALE, Pa. — All the rain we’re having appears to be wreaking havoc on construction projects across the area. That includes a hospital expansion...

HONESDALE, Pa. -- All the rain we're having appears to be wreaking havoc on construction projects across the area. That includes a hospital expansion project in Wayne County.

It's been especially rainy for months now after a harsh winter. That's led to a two-month delay on a multi-million-dollar expansion project at Wayne Memorial Hospital.

"Whether it's 0 outside and snowing or whether it's 70 and raining, it still shuts the job down or has a significant impact on it," said John Conte, Wayne Memorial Hospital.

Conte is overseeing the expansion project at the hospital, which is now eight weeks behind schedule. Some of that is thanks to winter weather and now, this soaking spring season.

"We are putting steel up there now, and the last thing you want to have is these guys walking on wet beams up there and have an accident that could be disabling," Conte said.

This past weekend, construction crews at the hospital were supposed to lift a massive bridge and set it in place. But again, Mother Nature delayed that for another couple weeks.

"It's hitting the bottom line at this point. It's costing us," added Conte.

A project at the Sterling Business and Technology Park near Hamlin is at a standstill as well. Crews there are six weeks behind thanks mostly to the weather. Workers expect to have a new office building complete in June.

The electrical work there is one of up to 50 projects Pioneer Construction is handling right now amidst a rainy spring.

"A little rough, continual rain, 3-4 times a week, slows everything up," said Al Pike with Pioneer Construction.

Between the rain and mud and severe weather, construction crews are forced to wait until nice weather is here.

"It's coming soon. Everything's going to hit the wall," Pike said.

Crews hope to make up the weeks that have been lost when things dry out, but if this rainy weather keeps up, it could end up costing more and more money if the delays continue.