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Pandemic partnership benefits community

A community foundation in Wayne County presented checks for thousands of dollars, giving back to those in need.

HAWLEY, Pa. — Back in the spring, we brought you the story of Carachilo Concessions. With few carnivals and fairs on the schedule, the business run by Leon Carachilo set up outside Lake Region IGA near Hawley. Many of the store's customers stopped for some food, and so did many drivers passing by.

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Now that pandemic partnership has come together again to help the community.

"Leon's obituary, he said in lieu of flowers, please donate to the Lake Region Community Dock Foundation, so even in his death, Leon is still giving," said Irene Cooper of Lake Region IGA.

The request led to thousands of dollars being raised for the foundation, which supports projects in the Hawley area and helps families who have fallen on hard times.

"This year, we didn't have any plans for any fundraisers, but we were fortunate that we had made friends with the Carachio family who have lived here all their lives," said Jim Shook, Lake Region Community Dock Foundation.

In all, the Community Dock Foundation had $20,000 to give out. Some of the money went to Hawley borough departments. The remaining money helped two families dealing with personal tragedies. The Brindle family received a check to help with their medical bills, and the other went to Lydia Erk to help with bills after the unexpected death of her husband.

Mindy Skelton was Lydia's boss at the day care she runs

"It's nice to know that when somebody is in that much of need, and someone that goes through something so tragic and unexpected like that, it's good to know that people are there to help immediately for you," Skelton said.

The foundation has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over more than a decade, and they hope to be able to raise more money for years to come to support the community that has supported them.

"I love our community," said Aleah Shook of Lake Region IGA. "I love the fact that we are able to give back to those in need and help grow the community into a better place."

For more info on the Lake Region Community Dock Foundation, click here.

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