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No more coffee roasting in Honesdale

A popular spot for coffee in Wayne County has been told to "cease and desist" roasting coffee at the business location in Honesdale.

HONESDALE, Pa. — As the early morning crowd stopped for their cup of coffee on Wednesday, crews were working to remove coffee roasting equipment at Black & Brass Coffee Roasting Company.

The coffee shop in Honesdale has occupied this location on Main Street for nearly five years, roasting its own beans and serving coffee. But the roasting part will be a thing of the past here.

Owner Travis Rivera says they were given cease and desist orders from Honesdale to stop roasting coffee because the borough considers it light manufacturing.

Rivera says that's not what roasting coffee is.

Instead of a continued battle with Honesdale, Rivera says he decided to remove the roasting equipment.

"This is a bittersweet moment," Rivera said. "I'm grateful to the community for being a part of our story. We've been roasting here for almost five years, and it's been an honor to be a part of this community, up to this point."

Just because the roaster is gone doesn't mean it's the end of serving coffee at the location on Main Street.

"Rest assured, we will remain open, and we still will serve all of your favorite lattes, cappuccinos, and of course, freshly roasted coffee that will be roasted locally," Rivera said.

A petition was started a week ago to ask the borough to reconsider its orders and allow Black & Brass to continue roasting. It has nearly 3,000 signatures.

Rivera says the support gives him hope for what's next.

"We are completely grateful to the community here, not only in Honesdale, but in Wayne County, northeastern Pennsylvania, and the tri-state area and beyond.

Rivera says the borough solicitor has been fair in giving his coffee shop time to make arrangements to remove the roasting equipment to another location that will be announced soon.

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