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New counseling center opens in Honesdale

Northern Light Counseling provides mental health services to children, adolescents and families in Wayne County.

HONESDALE, Pa. — Being a light for families and children struggling with mental health in Wayne county - that's what Claudia Bayly says she's trying to do with her new counseling center: Northern Light Counseling. 

"I just wanted to do something big for the community and have something to offer them where it doesn't feel like work to come to counseling. Like I wanted to make it like a warm, fun vibe where people feel welcomed and heard and understood," said owner Claudia Bayly. 

A former school counselor for the Western Wayne School District, Bayly said when the pandemic hit, that's when she realized more needed to be done.

"We need more children and adolescent counselors in the area and a place where families feel welcome and where it's not a stigma to struggle," Bayly said. "Like it's okay to not be okay."

Northern Light offers a variety of counseling including, sand tray therapy - a hands-on approach for people and children who've experienced trauma.

"Often, they don't have the words, especially with trauma. The research shows more and more that when we experience trauma, we actually hold it in. It's not verbal at times. It's within our body. It's sensations in our body, and so I use a lot of that in my work."

Those in the community are thankful that resources like this are coming to help those in Wayne county.

"I think in life we need people there for us and knowing what we went through last year and knowing that a lot of our resources and friends were farther away from us, I think if these kids can have somebody they can trust, a place where they can go that they look forward to going because of what's here and just the guidance that they're going to get is going to be a benefit to helping them just see their future in a better light," said Sal Maiorana, of Browndale. 

Northern Light Counseling is looking for more clinicians. 

To learn more about open positions or scheduling, click here.

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