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Wintry weather hits Wayne County

Wayne County was hit by a combination of snow, ice, and wind Tuesday morning. Newswatch 16's Andy Palumbo was in the middle of it all.

WAYNE COUNTY, Pa. — In Wayne County, people woke up to rain, turning to snow overnight. The temperature dropped. Roads became snow-covered and slippery.

Ken Janiszewski, who works for West Branch Construction, looks at storms from behind the wheel of a snow plow.

He said, "It's a lot better than expected, a little icy underneath the snow. We try to keep up with it. It's not that bad."

Newswatch 16 caught up with Ken as he cleared the parking lot and sidewalk of a diner near Hamlin corners.

This is not your average winter storm. There are at least two things going on out here that make this one a little different than the others.

The first is the ice Ken referred to. This started as rain. The temperature dropped. It froze, and then there is that layer of snow on top of that.

Newswatch 16 met Rob Lacey of Lake Ariel on his way to work at a tire business in Scranton.

"So far, not so bad. Like I said, the roads seem like they went over them once. So far, it's not too bad," Lacey said.

Road crews made several passes while we were set up at the intersection of the Hamlin Highway and the Easton Turnpike.

The other complicating factor is the wind. A plow or salt truck would make a pass. The wind would cover up the road again.

Our plow truck driver is looking on the bright side. Those very early forecasts of more than a foot changed as the storm approached.

"You expected the worst. We brought our skid steer up here in case we had to move around a  t. They said possibly more than 18, but that changed," added Janiszews.

But one thing that hasn't changed is something that happens every time it snows, no matter the amount, you have to get rid of it.


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