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Keeping cool at camp in Wayne County

Day camps that spend a lot of time outside have to be extra careful in the heat.

HONESDALE, Pa. — Kids taking part in the Honesdale YMCA's Day Camp aren't complaining too much this week. What kid doesn't like to spend time splashing around in the pool?

Day Camp director Jordan Joyce says this heatwave has adjusted parts of the camp schedule to make sure no kids get overheated.

"It's hard to plan stuff because we like to play sports, we like to do all different stuff in the sun, but since this heat, we've been trying to keep cool in the shade in the water, so we've been adjusting to it," said Jordan Joyce, Honesdale YMCA camp director.

Most of the kids at the camp say dealing with the heat isn't bad as long as they're having fun.

"It's not as fun, but since we get to go in the pool, it gets fun, it becomes fun," said Logan Lester.

"When I'm outside, I always stay in the shade because I just, I hate being hot," said Arkin Lloyd of Honesdale.

"You can do different things, and when it's raining, you can't really do anything." 

"A lot of water breaks, a lot of sunscreen breaks, but the pool in this river have been a blessing to us, so we've been using these things we have here and trying to keep cool," said Joyce.

Day camp counselors really have to pay attention to the kid's health in this heat.  the kids themselves are just focused on having fun.

"I actually love swimming, And it's like, it keeps me cool," Lloyd said.

The Honesdale Pool isn't open to the public yet, because of lifeguard shortages, and no one likes seeing people turned away in this heat while the campers are using the pool.

"If they're kind of like bored at home and they want to go outside them they'll be hot, too hot as well, So they might want to use the pool," Lester said.

The good news is Honesdale Borough and the YMCA are working together to fix the staffing issues at the pool, so it will be open to the public during evenings and weekends soon.

Hot weather safety tips from the Stormtracker 16 team:

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