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Food drive feeds hundreds in Wayne County

Fresh food and milk provided by the USDA was distributed to help anyone in need.

HONESDALE, Pa. — Lines of cars weaved through the parking lot at the Wayne County Fairgrounds, but there's no fair, just food. 

Wayne County teamed up with The Cooperage Project and area volunteers to help distribute 800 boxes of fresh food and milk that the USDA provides through the Farmers to Families food program.

"At one o'clock, they were out to the road to the highway so we had to start pushing people through. To me, it's sobering and heartbreaking to know there's people that are spending their whole day coming out here because they need the food," said Cooperage Project Executive Director, Arrah Fisher.

This food drive was open to anyone in need; all people had to do was pull up and answer a few questions.

"One of the questions that we asked folks today was 'do you have a problem or struggle to meet your food needs on a regular basis?' and then if they said yes, we asked if that was related to COVID-19, directly related because that's an important question for qualitative data to catch right now so we can build more programs if there's really a need directly related to COVID," continued Fisher.

To keep everyone moving while following CDC guidelines, this food giveaway is a drive-thru. 

People don't even have to get out of their cars, they pop their trunk and the boxes go in.

People gave their ticket number to a volunteer as others loaded the food and fresh milk to send them on their way.  

People like Melinda from Hawley said they didn't have to wait long despite the number of people who came.

"It's just a big help. Food insecurity is real with COVID and everything going on and it's very important," said Melinda.

"My family has taken a loss of income and this is a big help," added Crystal Rake from Honesdale.

Organizers say they are working to do another food drive soon. 

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