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Dogs rescued after arrest warrant is served in Wayne County

Investigators found more than they expected while serving a warrant near Newfoundland on Tuesday: Several dogs in poor conditions.

NEWFOUNDLAND, Pa. — When officers are serving a warrant, they never know what to expect. That was exactly the case on Tuesday morning for the Wayne County Sheriff's department when officers went to arrest 25-year-old Ryan Collins at his home near Newfoundland.

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Investigators discovered 21 dogs living in deplorable conditions.

"They just uncovered the dogs, and that was it went downhill from there. For the people anyway, not for the animals," said Marie Sinisgalli, shelter manager at Dessin Animal Shelter.

The Pennsylvania State Dog Warden and the Dessin Animal Shelter were called out to the property, and Sinisgalli says she was saddened by the conditions of the animals when she arrived.

"They had fleas on them, but you know we got them all taken care of. They're a little underweight, but they're happy. They're scared. We love them already. You know we can't wait to see their true personalities come out."

The owners agreed to turn over eight of the 21 dogs to Dessin Animal Shelter. Sinisgalli says they had to put one of the dogs down due to its poor health, and she worries about the animals still at the home.

"We work with the authorities, and hopefully that you know, we'll get these dogs removed as well. They were cats too, so hopefully, we'll get the cats, as well."

The dogs are already coming out of their shell at the shelter, and it won't be long before they're ready to find their forever homes.

"I think by next week, they're all going to be just totally ready to go for adoption. So that's what we hoped for them, to get them cleaned up, get their mental awareness back to where it should be, and get them into a good loving home."

Sinisgalli says anyone interested in adopting any of the dogs can fill out an application. Donations are also welcomed to help care for these dogs.

The Wayne County district attorney says he will wait until the investigation of the animals is complete to decide if any of the owners will face charges.

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