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Creating unique memories while school is out

A school in Wayne County is trying to document this historical school year.

HONESDALE, Pa. — Schools will remain closed for a while longer under Governor Wolf's orders that also means a lack of in-school activities.

The longer the doors in the Wayne Highlands School District are shut, the less time there is to make memories with classmates and teachers. This also poses a big problem for the middle school's yearbook now that school will be out an additional two weeks.

Yearbook advisors had to come up with a quick solution, so they decided to reach out to parents and ask them to send pictures of the interesting things students are doing in this time away.

"Mr. Griffis and I thought, wow, why not make some positive memories to look back on because most people 20 years from now are not going to think about what happened in school. It's probably going to be about the situation that we're in right now," said teacher Lesley Freer.

"Looking back, our kids are totally going to remember these days way more than they are a normal, everyday, humdrum day at school," parent Lorissa Taraschuk said,

Lorrisa's kids, Joey and Lily, are both in the middle school and have taken pictures of the things they've done to share with classmates.

"The school advisors can see what kids are doing at home and not just what they do at school, so I think it's good," Lily said.

"I like playing the drums, and I have a big drum set at my house where she can take pictures of me playing," Joey added.

Some are showing off new hobbies they've gained or how they've spent quality time with family.

"It's fun to be all together because we got chicks and built a chicken coop, so we've been together, building things and having fun as a family doing that," Lily said.