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Cleanup Efforts Facing Problems in Wayne County

WAYNE COUNTY, Pa. — Cleanup crews are under pressure to get the job done after brutal storms earlier this week across our area. Volunteers in Wayne County...

WAYNE COUNTY, Pa. -- Cleanup crews are under pressure to get the job done after brutal storms earlier this week across our area.

Volunteers in Wayne County kept working through more rain on Saturday to get the job done. Businesses and cleanup crews were trying to recoup after that storm nearly a week ago.

The heavy rains overnight through Saturday morning not only created difficult conditions for those efforts but also had an impact on the number of people who came out to help.

Rainy, muddy, and slippery were not the conditions Jimanne Petroski was hoping for while cleaning up at Keen Lake Campground.

"We were hoping for a little bit more help and a lot more sunshine. We've got a lot cleaned up, but we've got a long way to go," said Petroski, Keen Lake Camping and Cottage Resort.

"If we didn't have the rain, we could clean up more, get the park cleaned up and ready to open for next week," said George Fuentes, seasonal camper.

Earlier this week, 80-mile-an-hour winds ripped through the campground, creating a lot of damage for the second year in a row.

"Probably a couple hundred trees again. We only lost two trailers this time, 35 trailers last time. We have damage to outer buildings and so forth, a lot of roof damage, but we're getting there," Petroski said.

Despite the sloppy conditions, people here had no choice but to power through as pressure is on to get everything back to normal before the resort opens next week.

"We could use more help, of course, but they have a good crew here, and everybody's working very hard," Fuentes added.

People cleaning up at Keen Lake were not the only ones having a tough time in this wet weather. People picking up trash along Route 6 in Wayne County said they also had problems.

"Less than optimal, you might say. Pouring rain for the entire three-hour stretch, so it kept a lot of people at home, unfortunately," said Michael Coppola, Keep Hawley-Honesdale Beautiful.

Like the people at Keen Lake, volunteers with Keep Hawley-Honesdale Beautiful worked hard in the rain, collecting enough to fill dozens of bags of trash.

"There's all kinds of stuff blown along the road, stirred up: dog food containers, pillows, things that blow off of people's trucks and cars," said Chris Becker of Tafton.

"Picked up a lot of liquor bottles, fast food containers, beer bottles, straws," said Cathy Becker of Tafton.

While cleanup crews say they made a huge dent in the trash, there's still a lot of work to be done after strong winds and heavy rains blew through the area.

"It's a shame. It took some of our roadways and some of our trees and some of our wildlife areas are really destroyed from the weather," said Carol Burkhardt of Canaan Township.

The people we spoke with, especially those at Keen Lake, are hoping for a break in the rain to try and make up for the time lost this week.