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A Real-life Winter Wonderland

HONESDALE, Pa. — When you see snow coating the Christmas wreaths hung on the lampposts in Honesdale’s Central Park, two words immediately come to mi...

HONESDALE, Pa. -- When you see snow coating the Christmas wreaths hung on the lampposts in Honesdale's Central Park, two words immediately come to mind: winter wonderland.

"We're just out, walking around, enjoying the winter wonderland!" Tammy Lander said.

The phrase "winter wonderland" means a lot in Honesdale.

The classic Christmas song "Winter Wonderland" was written by Honesdale native Richard Smith in 1934.

According to his widow, Smith came up with the tune while looking out the window of a Scranton hospital. The children playing outside in the snow reminded him of doing the same in his youth while growing up in Honesdale.

Richard Smith is believed to have lived on Church Street, where he would have had a perfect view of and easy access to, Honesdale's Central Park, just across the street.

"I don't like it, the weather, but it looks nice out. It looks nice falling down on the trees and stuff if it would just stay off the roads," Karen Gummoe said.

But the snow may not be quite as beautiful from behind a shovel. Zane Razillard and his coworkers from Pioneer Construction have spent a total of 18 hours shoveling snow so far in the last two days.

"We have been out here for nine hours today. I'm very tired. I'm probably going to pass out in 10 minutes," Razillard said.

Luckily for Karen Gummoe, a gentleman shoveled the sidewalks outside of her apartment, so she got to enjoy the winter wonderland from her porch.

"Yeah, I didn't have to shovel my car off and go out early."

There weren't too many people outside walking in a winter wonderland. Most of the shops along Main Street closed for the day.

The people we spoke to are embracing the snow, or at the very least, tolerating it.

"I don't really like the cold, I'd rather the beach, but oh, well. Cold it is. We're in Pennsylvania, what do you expect?" said Landers.