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'World's largest Christmas tree auction' held in Union County

People from all over the country came to the Buffalo Valley Produce Auction to bid on trees.

UNION COUNTY, Pa. — It's advertised as the largest Christmas tree auction in the world and it took place today in Union County.

There are piles and piles of Christmas trees at the Buffalo Valley Produce Auction near Mifflinburg.  People are here from all over the country to buy the trees at wholesale prices and sell them at their own tree farms.

"Prices are really high but nobody is shy about paying the prices and buying the trees," said Jim Jenkins, Pittsburgh.  

There are more than 50,000 trees at this year's auction which is around 10,000 more than last year.

"They have more trees available but prices are up about 25% from what we've seen in the past," said Don Andrews who traveled from Kingsville, Maryland.

That price increase was all anyone could talk about.

"A couple years ago some of the smaller stuff would have been $16 - 18.  Now wholesale they're selling for $35, $40, $45," said Jenkins. 

"Last year a $70 Christmas tree is about $100 this year. So that translates to what at your farm?  Well, we're going to have to raise prices retail at our tree lot," said Andrews.

Some people left empty-handed.  

"Way too high, prices are not worth it.  A lot of brown in the trees" said Janie Walker, Leechburg. 

Some sellers we spoke with are worried the price increase is going to force more people to buy artificial trees. 

"And there's nothing better than a real tree for Christmas," said Jenkins. 

Other sellers are still optimistic and hope their customers continue to buy their Christmas trees.

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