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Workers brave the cold

Newswatch 16's Nikki Krize spoke with some people who couldn't spend this frigid day indoors.

LEWISBURG, Pa. — Temperatures on Tuesday were in the single digits in some parts of our area, making it a good day to stay inside.

But not everyone has that luxury. Robert Mertz of Mid Penn Energy delivers home heating oil, which is important on a day like this.

"There's a lot of people who waited until the last minute, and now we're rushing."

Like other delivery drivers, Mertz cannot do his job indoors. But he says he doesn't mind the winter weather.

"I like the cold. There's other guys that don't like the cold, but I don't like the heat, so I'm comfortable. Two sweatshirts and my bib, and I'm comfortable," Mertz said.

Dressing in layers is key when working outdoors on a day like this. That's something mail carrier Jared Haines is familiar with too.

"Two sets of thermals, a hoodie, and this, and wool socks on."

Haines has spikes on his waterproof boots so he can safely walk on ice. He also does not mind the cold weather.

"I worked for the railroad before this, so I was outside all the time anyway walking long distances, so this is pretty similar, except I'm just delivering mail."

"Everyone we spoke with told Newswatch 16 they don't mind being outside on this day for one specific reason.

"At least the wind ain't blowing. That's when I mind it," said Mertz.

"The wind is minimal, so that helps significantly," Haines added. "If it was windy, it would be brutal. It would be real bad."

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