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New studio in Lewisburg aims to reduce pain and stress

One Health and Wellness combines hot and cold therapy.

LEWISBURG, Pa. — Ben Schneider has been interested in cold plunging for years and would do so by filling his bathtub with ice water.

"It's phenomenal for mood. People who suffer from anxiety or any type of seasonal depression, panic, anything like that, the cold water is incredibly powerful," Schneider said.

The Lewisburg resident decided to open his own cold plunge studio so others could get the physical and mental benefits he experiences with the treatment.

"Since I couldn't find anything even remotely close to here that I was going to do it myself," Schneider said.

One Health and Wellness opened in Lewisburg on November 1. The studio focuses on hot and cold therapy, using infrared saunas and cold plunges.

Schneider says this type of therapy helps with circulation, increases immunity, and provides mental health benefits. He also offers a fire and ice program.

"Ten minutes of guided breathing, two minutes in the cold plunge, 25 minutes in the sauna, and then tea."

The breathing is supposed to prepare you for the cold water — a tub of 44-degree ice water for two minutes.

"I hope that by simply adding this into their current routine, they can see dramatic benefits in their lives and go pain-free, fear-free, and go out there and conquer the world," Schneider said.

Schneider says many of his clients come back multiple times because they see the physical and mental benefits.

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