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Masks back at Bucknell University

Masks are back at Bucknell University after the CDC classified Union County's COVID-19 transmission level as high.

LEWISBURG, Pa. — Masking has been a hot topic since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Two and half years later, many places no longer require face coverings.

But students at Bucknell University in Lewisburg are wearing them once again.

"This is our senior year. Why would we want that? We want to know each other, and we've been around each other for three, four, five weeks now. What's the difference?" Lucille Ketterer asked.

Bucknell University's COVID-19 policy states that masks are required indoors when transmission rates are classified as high in Union County.

The CDC declared that rating on Monday, and students were notified that masks are back immediately until further notice.

"I do appreciate the fact that Bucknell is COVID-conscious, and they are worried about not just the students' safety but the professors' safety and the entire town of Lewisburgs' safety," Abbie Coscia said.

Many students don't agree with that.

"I'm not a fan of masks. I don't like masks one bit," Kenny Driscoll said. "They make my ears itchy, my nose starts running in them, sneezing. I don't like them."

"They're kind of annoying, especially with glasses; they keep fogging up. We had a good thing going for the first couple of months with no masks, but it kind of sucks that they're back," Eric Jaeger said.

Lucille Ketterer studied outside because of the mask mandate.

"Luckily, they have a lot of outdoor pavilions now with chargers for your laptop so that you don't have to work inside because why would anyone want to?" Ketterer asked.

But others don't mind wearing a mask on campus.

"If what I have to do is wear a mask during class to have a normal college experience, then I'm OK with it," Coscia said.

A representative for Bucknell University says when Union County's risk level goes back to medium or low, the mask mandate will be over.

View the CDC COVID data tracker here.


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