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Lewisburg Community Pool to remain closed for 2020

Financial problems connected to the pandemic are forcing the recreation authority to keep the pool closed.

As many community pools in our area are opening a bit late because of COVID-19, some are not opening at all. One of those pools is in the Lewisburg area.

The Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority (BVRA) oversees the Lewisburg Community Pool.

According to BVRA executive director Shirley Brough, the decision not to reopen was due to the financial impact COVID-19 had on operations. The BVRA had to close its gymnastics program in mid-March because of the coronavirus. Without income from that program, the pool does not have funding.

"Net proceeds from that very popular program offset the costs and losses that occur specifically from running the pool," Brough explained.

In addition to that, earlier this year, the pool's pipes had to be replaced.

Jo Mueller lived in Lewisburg for 40 years and brought her children to this pool.

"They took lessons here, they became lifeguards here," Mueller said. "It's one of those rites of summer that you just expect to have that interaction with other people in your neighborhoods."

According to the BVRA, the pool needs around $50,000 in order to open. If they come up with that money, the pool may still be able to open this year.

"We are seeking for ideas. If we would happen to have a magic gift presented to us, the board would reconvene and make a decision for the summer," Brough said.

The authority plans to open the pool in the summer of 2021.