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Berry season to be 'a good one'

A pick-your-own berry farm sustains its tradition with nearly 4,000 plants.

ALLENWOOD, Pa. — It's opening day for blueberry season. Bridge Avenue Berries Farm owner Harry Jones expects it to be a good one.

"The blueberry patch sits on six acres of the farm. We know there's Bluecrop and Blueray blueberries out here," Jones said. "Even though we haven't had a whole lot of rain, I think the fact that we're organic and we farm organically that certainly has helped the blueberries here produce well even though it's hot and dry."

People came bright and early to pick their own berries, like Williamsport's Andrea McDonough.

"I like to have lots of blueberries for the freezer. We made it down last year a couple of times and I think the year before. So it's a tradition now," McDonough said.

And it's not just pick-your-own. In preparation of opening day, employees picked nearly 900 pounds of blueberries.

Harry Jones and his wife bought Bridge Avenue Berries in 2018. The farm was certified organic last year. 

Jones recommends that visitors pick some berries from a section of the farm marked with "heirloom" signs. The bushes were planted by one of the farm's previous owners, who was trying to find new hybrid varieties.

"He brought his seedings up here and planted them out, so when you walk through that section and you eat through that section, you're going to get all sorts of different flavors and sizes of berries," Jones said. "It's a really fun part of the farm."

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