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Montrose's snow doesn't last long

Much of the snow in Susquehanna County melted away or was packed down by rainfall. But before that, people were out shoveling and plowing.

MONTROSE, Pa. — Whether it was a PennDOT truck salting the back country roads or 83-year-old Richard Craige of Montrose shoveling his sidewalks.

The snowfall in Susquehanna County had many out, clearing parking lots and their homes.

"We thought we'd get at least six inches, and what a disappointment they could've had school, but they canceled that. I don't know why," Craige said.

Behind the wheel of his mid-size tractor, Greg Myer says the right kind of machinery can make clearing snow pretty fun.

"I'm one of the folks who enjoys snow, so it's a good day, and I enjoy quote-on-quote playing in it, so I have no problem with the weather today," Myer said.

Having fun is all part of the job for Matthew Holbrook, owner of Holbrook Landscaping.

His snow crew of five clears several properties around the area.

"It didn't really start snowing till about eight o'clock here, and we just waited for it to accumulate, and then we started plowing," said Holbrook.

Holbrook says the winter so far has been mild, and Susquehanna County could use a few more good storms before spring rolls around.

"This year's been pretty light for snow, at least for January; December was pretty good up here. At least in Montrose. Yea, we did pretty good today," he said.

With the snow seemingly out of the way, Holbrook said his crew will continue checking properties around the area just in case there is any issue of freezing rain.

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