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Winter storm could add to supply struggles

Newswatch 16's Courtney Harrison visited a grocery store in Susquehanna County and talked to the owners and customers about shortages and what's to come.

GREAT BEND, Pa. — Most people go grocery shopping with a list and a plan, especially when they're on a budget. We spoke to shoppers in Susquehanna County who say it isn't always easy to get what you came for when there are bare spots on shelves.

"I plan on a meal, and I get there, and they don't have what I was looking for. Last week there was no stew meat. They always have some, and there wasn't any, so I had to kind of reshuffle my thinking," Wendi Gordon said.

"I think this is higher up, you know what I mean? They should do something about it," Robert Hegedus said. "Have National Guard come in, drive these trucks, some of the guys, and pay them. You know, I think that's one of the big things, and that's why, you know, there's no products and driving the prices up."

Anthony Coppola, the owner of Rob's Market in Great Bend, believes because they are a smaller family-owned market, they aren't seeing some of the major shortages because of the volume of product they have.

"The bigger box stores are seeing the shortage before I'm seeing the shortages, so I can react. Kind of a heads up to know that, oh, I need to keep my eye on this. Maybe I need to order a little heavier so that I maybe have a little more fair share of it," Coppola said.

Customers are also keeping an eye on the weather forecast for Sunday into Monday because they say while the stores look great now, they may want to pick up another extra item or two just in case.

"With the storm coming—I think it's Sunday night, Saturday and Sunday—the bread itself will be low, but it won't be beer. I don't think it'd be low," Walter Decker said. "It's always the bread and milk."

"Tomorrow's delivery, well, it should be able to get through Wednesday. Now with the volume, will it make it that long? I don't know," Coppola said. "But we're definitely trying."

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