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Time capsule found after demolition in Susquehanna County

The church burned down in August - but it wasn't a total loss, as congregation members found a time capsule inside.

SOUTH MONTROSE, Pa. — It was a terrible tragedy for South Montrose Community Church members back in August - a bolt of lightning caused the church to catch fire and burn down.

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Demolition of the church took place last month, but it wasn't a total loss inside the cornerstone; it was a time capsule.

"That seems pretty coincidental, but we know that said, you know, nothing is really a coincidence. It's all part of a greater plan, and we're just excited to be a part of this part of the plan," said Pastor Laura Kincaid with the South Montrose Community Church. 

Fourth-generation church member Paula Remington says the discovery of the time capsule brought excitement for the congregation. It was opened last Sunday during church services so everyone could see the contents - an old Bible and paperwork about the church when it was built in 1940.

"We wanted to do it when, as many people could be in church, you know, so we spread the word out throughout the congregation that this is the particular Sunday, but we wanted to keep amongst us. We didn't know what was in it," said Paula Remington of South Montrose. 

Finding the time capsule also gave church members a better look into the church's history that stood for 80 years. 

"All these committees were listed all the people involved, what they had to do to raise the money because they didn't want a mortgage. I mean, it's just, it's fun going through all the facts and, and this will be rewritten in the history of the church," said Remington. 

It may cost a bit more than the 1940 price tag of $7,000 to build the church, but finding the time capsule has helped heal some of the wounds left by the fire.

"What they have been is exactly what we plan on putting in the next one with everything from 40 Up until present day, so probably 2023," said Remington. 

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