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Three people charged in connection with deadly hit and run in Susquehanna County

Three people turned themselves on charges connected to the hit and run death of a teenager in Susquehanna County.

UNION DALE, Pa. — Brooke Petersen, Joseph Thomas, and Gloria Davis said nothing when they arrived at the magistrate's office in Clifford to be arraigned on charges connected with the crash that killed Jeremy Clark on Saturday.  

According to state police, Clark and a friend left a party and were walking home to Vandling along Route 171.  

The friend said they got tired and decided to lie down, and when he woke up, Jeremy was injured, and a car was not far away on the side of the road. 

State Police say getting to the facts of what happened was not easy.

"Once we were able to sort through all the different stories that were given to us, you know, it just came down to physical evidence.  We were able to get a warrant for the vehicle to bring that in and analyze it, and then we're able to see the factors which caused them to be charged," said State Police Trooper Robert Urban.

Troopers also say: 20-year-old Brooke Petersen of Union Dale was the driver of the car that struck Jeremy and left the scene after hitting him. She then came back with Joseph Thomas and Gloria Davis in a different vehicle.  All three then fled again and agreed not to tell anyone about the hit and run.

"They did return almost immediately to the scene. I mean, it was within minutes that they got back there, and they brought her mother back. So it does happen that way. You don't want kids to run away; you know they're there. They did return. Then they cooperated with the police," said Petersen's Attorney Paul Walker.

State Police say they are still investigating this case. However, a lot of the details could have been clearer had the driver not left the scene.

"When something happens on the road, no matter what it is that causes death or bodily injury, it's your duty to stay there until authorities and EMS arrive," said Urban.

The person identified as the driver, Brooke Petersen, faces the most serious charges, including involuntary manslaughter.

All three people were released, each on $75,000 unsecured bail.  A preliminary hearing is scheduled for November 9.

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