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Snowmobile season is on in Susquehanna and Wayne Counties

Newswatch 16's Courtney Harrison shows us where people are riding and the volunteers who get the trails ready to go.

WAYMART, Pa. — When there's enough snow on the ground in Susquehanna County, the snowmobiles get fired up.  

Many people who ride say they look forward to heavy snowfall and will drop what they're doing to ride.

Joe Teller drove two and a half hours from his home outside Philadelphia. 

"My friend who lives over there by Fiddle Lake told me that they got like eight to 10 inches of snow, and I'm not working, so hook it up and go," he said.

NEP Sno Trails manages the trail system through Susquehanna and Wayne counties.  

Some of the club's volunteers, including Dan Pregnar, checked a trail near Waymart for downed trees and bare spots. 

"Fortunately, the ground has been frozen, which means it supports the snow for a long time, and we don't need a whole lot of snow to be able to ride," said Pregnar.

With about 200 miles worth of trails, volunteers are still out making sure that the trails are in good condition for riding, so riders should be alert when they're out there.

"Look out for hazardous conditions because a lot of stuff isn't totally frozen over yet," said Al Clause. "And you know, ride really safe until you know where you're going.  And any if you have any problems, call the club, report the problem so that we can try to get somebody out there to fix it."

The frigid temps and whipping winds didn't seem to bother many riders. 

"I got heated bars I got heated, heated stuff. You know my windshield on my helmet has a heat thing on it, so it doesn't fog up," said Teller.

Snowmobilers and volunteers hope for more snow this week in anticipation of another good season. 

You can find more information about NEP Sno Trails by clicking here.

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