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Skiers brave the freezing temperatures in Susquehanna County

Skiers flocked to Elk Mountain Friday night as the temperatures plunged below freezing.

SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY, Pa. — Temperatures at Elk Mountain Ski Resort in Herrick Township are well below freezing, but it's not stopping skiers who say you just need to bring a couple of extra layers.

Whether it's a face covering, hand warmers, or an extra jacket, officials at Elk Mountain say anything will help when it comes to skiing in frigid weather.

"Probably the most important thing is to dress properly, dress in layers, and ideally, the base layer should not be cotton," said Bob DeLuca, Elk Mountain.

"I've been skiing here since the seventies, so I've seen plenty of cold days up here, and this is not the coldest I've seen," said John Fisher, Chester County.

While it's not the most comfortable weather for skiing, officials expect a good turnout.

"It will be a Saturday crowd that arrives a little later than normal because the forecast is for something for a high of around 20 degrees, and that's easier to take than five below zero," said DeLuca.

Abby McCabe and her daughter Barret finished up their first run down the mountain, but instead of going back out, they took a break to warm up.

"Today will be a short day tomorrow will hopefully be a little better, but it's icy out there now, so hopefully, we'll get some nice snow on the ground, and it will be better tomorrow," said Abby McCabe, Chester County.

While the cold weather is perfect for making snow on the mountain, skiers say the weather is taking its toll. 

"It's freezing, my hands are frozen," said Barrett McCabe.

With the wind whipping across the lodge, one rider at Elk told us a couple extra layers and the urge to get out on the slopes is all you really need.

"For me, it's a passion kind of thing like that, hopefully, other people, it's something you know it's better than sitting on your sofa watching basketball or whatever," said David Griffiths, Chester County.

Skiers say their main concern is catching frostbite on these chilly days, so they say be careful and remember to bring some extra hand warmers.

Check out severe weather tips on WNEP’s YouTube channel. 

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