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Shopping for a Snow-covered Christmas Tree

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Kessler’s Tree Farm near New Milford has been transformed into a true winter wonderland this week, making it a picturesque ...

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Kessler's Tree Farm near New Milford has been transformed into a true winter wonderland this week, making it a picturesque place to pick out a fir, pine, or spruce.

"My favorite is when the holiday is here, and the Christmas trees are all around us, and it's just a wonderful thing to do," said Kaylee Walker from Hallstead.

While it may look beautiful, it can pose problems for tree shoppers at the peak of the Christmas tree season.

"The storm started out with rain, and then it started freezing, so all that ice is underneath, and then the snow came on top, and we got about a foot of snow," said Jim Kessler of Kessler's Tree Farm.

So, how do you bring a beauty home without bringing a blizzard into your house?

You could just give it a simple shakedown, but if you don't want to freeze your hands off, you can bring a tool of your own.

"Snow shovel works, baseball bat works," Kessler joked.

Kessler says that once you get the snow off, there will likely be another layer of ice underneath. He recommends letting the tree thaw in a room you don't mind getting a little wet before bringing it to its final resting place next to the fireplace.

But whatever you decide to do, the Kessler family encourages their customers to embrace the wintry weather.

"Picking out a Christmas tree when it's nice and sunny, and there's no snow to deal with makes it easier to go and get it out of the field, but the snow adds a neat challenge!" Kathy Walker said.

And, they say come prepared to be in the snow, and maybe to even have a snowball fight.

"There might be a couple of snowballs flying around this weekend. What better place to have a snowball fight because there's always someplace to hide behind!" Kessler said.

So although the weather might be frightful, a snow-covered tree farm can still be delightful.

The Kessler family says the most popular days to visit the farm are Saturday and Sunday but don't wait too long. There's a limited supply of trees this year because many of the other tree farms in the area have gone out of business.

And make sure you bring your snow boots because you will definitely be walking through that winter wonderland to get your tree.