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'Record numbers' at food pantries like those in Susquehanna County

Workers at food pantries expect numbers to continue to rise.

MONTROSE, Pa. — Record number -- that's what volunteers at Susquehanna County food pantries say they're seeing. More and more are people in need of some help.

"I think especially the food pantries we need to be prepared the next at least couple of months with the idea in mind that we're going to be serving more people at our food pantries," said Nancy Dooling of the Montrose Mobile Food Pantry.

The county is rural, and there are several mobile food pantries, like one in Montrose, held once a month.

The people who work them say they are seeing new faces, many young families who need some extra help right now, more than 300 households just in the Montrose area.

"I think most of us have prepared as best we can. We've ordered more food in expectation of more people coming to our pantries, maybe some of them that have lost jobs and have never been to a food pantry. We certainly saw that in April."

Food pantry organizers say no one should be ashamed if they are in need right now.

"Be grateful that we can provide for you to get you through hard times, but it's not forever, and the best way to repay that is when times are better in the future, to really think about volunteering at a food bank ding something really helpful for a neighbor and it's a wonderful way to pay that back," said Dooling.

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