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Stocking up before distributor closes

The spread of disease is causing the temporary closure of Montrose Beverage.

MONTROSE, Pa. — Montrose Beverage in Susquehanna county was busy for a Thursday afternoon with customers coming in to refill their refrigerators with their beverage of choice. But some were buying extra because the distributor will be closing its doors while the threat of coronavirus lingers. A note was posted on the front door for customers to see before they came in shutting down temporarily until at least April 13.

"It has definitely gotten busier since we decided to make the decision," said Montrose Beverage employee Dallas Jerauld. "The business wanted to take its customers into account and make sure everyone is safe."

Some customers were unaware of the changes coming.

"Yeah, that stinks. That stinks. But, here again, you got to do what you got to do and stay within compliance," Hank Peck said.

Other customers we spoke with said they were probably going to buy some extra so they didn't have to make a trip elsewhere later on.

Rural areas like Susquehanna County have miles in between other towns. If people want to take a shopping trip for their suds, they may have to drive a little bit farther.

"We don't know what the future is going to be so we're doing our best."

This closure is temporary and owners hope to reopen once the dust settles from the spread of the coronavirus.

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