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Harford Fair opens in Susquehanna County

Monday marked the first day of the Harford Fair in Susquehanna County after a year off last summer.

HARFORD, Pa. — At first glance from the parking lot, you may notice changes at the 163rd Harford Fair. The main gate was rebuilt just in time for opening day, and for the first time, you can pay for your ticket with a credit card.

The pandemic canceled last year's fair. It was unfortunate news for many, but it gave the fair board time to spruce things up.

Fair officials built a new vendor hall. It took over the spot where the historic centennial log cabin sat, but the cabin isn't gone. It was moved piece by piece to its new location where the hope is; it will remain for another hundred or so years.

"Watching it restored was very cool and feeling like we were able to keep it here on the grounds," said Heather Winn, a Harford Fair board member.

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The Harford Fair offers a lot of history, but one thing new this year that puts the fair into the future is virtual reality.

"When the one part came on, I was in space, and you couldn't even see anything but space and stuff. You couldn't even see yourself. Everything looked completely different and real," Michael Stockholm said.

But there's still plenty of tradition that draws people from all over— lots of food options, and who can forget the animals?

and it was obvious the fair was missed by the number of people taking advantage of the first day.

"It feels great to just be out and doing something. Great day, but Joe said it's going to rain like crazy, so that's why we're here," said Alan and Debbie Hickock from Montrose.

"The energy is amazing; all the people are here, everyone is having a great time. This feels really good," Winn added.

The Harford Fair runs through Saturday, August 21.

Check out the daily schedule here.

After some fair food, I stopped by the Susquehanna County Recreation Center booth to try my luck at the contest of the...

Posted by Courtney Harrison WNEP on Monday, August 16, 2021