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Biden/Harris sign shot outside of family's home, 10 feet away from family's horses

The homeowners were worried that their horses could have gotten spooked and ran through their fence.

SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY, Pa. — The Biden/Harris sign outside of the Blaisure home in Bridgewater Township near Montrose is riddled with holes.

The family said someone fired six gunshots into the sign over the weekend.

"I was shocked and astonished because I didn't think anyone in my area would be this way. Then it turned to anger," Erin Blaisure said.

The Biden/Harris sign is about ten feet away from a pen where the family's horses graze.

"They could spook, they could run through the fence, they could do any kind of damage, and it's just, it was just scary," Ken Blaisure said.

State troopers were unable to find any bullet casings and told the family because of that, it may be hard to track down a suspect.

"I live in a small town, and I live a mile down a dirt road, so, to me, it has to be someone who lives around here," Erin Blaisure said. 

The Blaisures are relieved none of their animals were hurt but are still disappointed by the damage.

Credit: WNEP

"There's people with Trump signs up and down this dirt road. I'm the only one that has a Biden. I should be able to have and vote for any political sign on my property," Erin Blaisure said. 

The Blaisures said they will keep their Biden/Harris sign out front.

State police are still investigating.

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