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"Adult happy meals" in Susquehanna County

Workers at a tavern are trying to serve with a smile.

SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY, Pa. — Dine-in service at The Hayloft Tavern and Grill in Lawton is temporarily halted, after Governor Wolf ordered restaurants to close in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19. But take-out is still an option, and the staff is taking advantage of that by serving up "adult happy meals," complete with your choice of a burger or cheesesteak, fries, a can of beer, and a koozie - because every "happy meal" needs a toy.

"We tried to come up with something to keep everybody coming out because everyone's been struggling. So we're trying to keep morale up," says Tim Korzeniowski of the Tavern.

Business is, of course, slower than usual at the Hayloft, but the allure of an adult happy meal is bringing more people to the pick-up window.

The Hayloft Tavern & Grill's, Mary Anne Waddington, says "They really think it's hilarious. I mean the people, they've enjoyed it, they really think it's a lot of fun. Because we need humor, I mean, we really just need a touch of humor."

For a business in rural Susquehanna County, shutting down, even if only for 2 weeks, could be a blow to their bottom line. 

Waddington says, "But we're trying. We're trying to keep the doors open, trying to keep my employees working. I have great people that work for me - they're very loyal and my customers are extremely loyal so I'm grateful for that."

Trying to keep spirits up...as well as "bottoms up," even if it means enjoying a cold one from The Hayloft at home.

Take-out is available at The Hayloft from Noon to 7 p.m.