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State police investigate homicide in Snyder County

State police confirmed the reported shooting in Snyder County Monday afternoon was a homicide.

SNYDER COUNTY, Pa. — State Police say they responded to this home outside Selinsgrove for a reported shooting Monday afternoon. 

Residents watched as they say officers aimed their weapons at a man holding a gun. 

It's now at the center of a homicide investigation.

A community is in shock.

"This is big city news, and it feels very out of place," said Christopher Finck, who witnessed the arrest.

State Police in Snyder County are now investigating a homicide at this home in the 1000 block of South Market Street in Penn Township near Selinsgrove. Christopher Finck was just down the street. 

"I was out working on my car, and I had my head in the wheel well, and I heard some shouting. I looked up and then saw the scene with all the police officers out front. They came out of nowhere. They were yelling towards the house, 'put down the gun," said Finck.

Finck quickly pulled out his phone and captured this video he shared with Newswatch 16, showing a man walking out the front door with his hands in the air as officers shouted commands. 

The suspect is seen walking toward the officers and kneeling to be handcuffed. 

Seconds later, several officers run into the house. Witnesses say a body was removed from the home and taken away in an ambulance. 

"It scared my neighbors, my mother especially. It was a little off-putting and surprising. I'm not necessarily used to this kind of thing, but I didn't expect it," said Finck.

Finck says he's still trying to process what he saw.

"It's the craziest thing I've seen while working on a car today. I hope nothing tops it," said Finck.

State police say a man was taken into custody. 

Investigators are calling this a homicide investigation but have not released the details on any charges in this case.

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