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Animal rescue fundraiser lets people toss their ex to the wolves

An animal rescue in Snyder County is catering to people who might feel a little salty about February 14th.

PENNS CREEK, Pa. — T&D's Cats of the World is home to hundreds of rescue animals, from tigers to bears and everything in between.

"We rescue wild animals, and most of the animals we have were illegally owned pets. They are turned over to us by the people, but most likely, they're from government confiscations, and they end up coming here," Jennifer Mattive said.

Jennifer Mattive and her family run the rescue near Middleburg, which is open from May to September. For the fourth straight year, they are holding a Valentine's Day fundraiser called "Toss Your Ex to the Wolves."

"It's fun. It's Something different for Valentine's Day, and it's a nice fundraiser that was started a few years ago," Mattive said.

The fundraiser was started by one of T&D's volunteers who makes wolf-friendly cookies.

"For $5, you can have an ex's name put on the cookie. It can be an ex-spouse, or boss, or roommate," Mattive said.

T&D's Cats of the World currently has six wolves. Mattive says all six were illegally owned. People tried keeping them as pets. They were confiscated and brought here.

"Some of them live together, some of them have to be by themselves since they were raised by people they don't get along with other wolves," Mattive said.

All proceeds from the fundraiser will go right back to the animals. Treats must be purchased between now and February 12th.  

You may either send a check made payable to:

T&D's Cats of the World
PO Box 186,
Penns Creek, PA 17862

You can also donate via PayPal or email T&D's Cats of the World at TDSCATS@VERIZON.NET for more information.

Please include the name(s) you wish to have on the treat in the note with your donation. This can be done on a piece of paper if you are sending a check or in the message part of PayPal.

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