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Police-themed creamery opens in Snyder County

The family-owned ice cream shop has been a big hit in the community.

SELINSGROVE, Pa. — Employees at the 5-OH Creamery said they have been busy every day since their opening last week.

"Sunday, which was our first Sunday, it was packed from 3 to close, and it was just nonstop," said Jacob Anders, son of the creamery's owner.

The ice cream shop is law enforcement-themed since the owner, Monty Anders, was a state policeman for over 20 years. 

"5-OH, as you know, is another name for the police," said Noah Anders, also a son of Monty. "Being a retired state trooper and now working for the borough, he just wanted to do something that involved his career and his passion for law enforcement and giving back to the community." 

The ice cream shop has 16 different ice cream flavors.  

"We have quite a few options for our hand dip from Leiby's, we also have multiple mix-ins for our smoothies and milkshakes, and we also have a gelato," said Jacob. 

"He wanted to do a little theme with it so sizes, a small is a warning, and then a misdemeanor is the medium, and then a felony is the large," added Noah.

Noah said he enjoys working for his dad.

"Its been great having everyone work together, it has just been an opportunity for us to grow as a family as well," he said.

The 5-OH creamery is open seven days a week, and they hope to open in house dining once COVID-19 guidelines.

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