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Domestic dispute turns deadly in Snyder County

A man in Snyder County told police that he shot and killed his wife during an argument at a home in Snyder County Monday afternoon.

SNYDER COUNTY, Pa. — A Snyder County man is behind bars after state police discovered a body in a home in the 1000 block of South Market Street in Penn Township, near Selinsgrove, on Monday afternoon.

Brad Bailor, 33, can be seen in video from neighbors walking out of his home with his hands up as state police point their guns at him. Bailor is accused of killing his wife, Leslie Bailor.

Newswatch 16 spoke with a family friend who asked to remain anonymous.

"They were separating, and you know she had somebody else who was good to the kids, and she was really getting her life together."

According to the police report, Brad Bailor told police that his wife Leslie was screaming at him during a domestic dispute. He told police that he had shot his wife. Police found her body in their bedroom.

"I was very fearful that something was going on with them because of history. There was an assault that happened a couple of months ago."

In January of this year, Leslie and Brad Bailor were both arrested on simple assault and harassment charges after a fight broke out between the two in the home. The simple assault charges were later withdrawn.

"Something like this happens, and everybody is shocked. If you look back at the paper trail and all the reports made, this is something that could have been prevented. More help could have been given. The police had been in that home a couple of times since January."

The YWCA in Williamsport offers assistance for folks who have experienced domestic violence.

"Sometimes people struggle to reach out, and they struggle to find the resources to help them," said Grace Maneval, a YWCA housing advocate. "A tragedy like this is something that we work to prevent here at the YWCA, and we sometimes see cases where it does get this severe."

The couple had three kids together. The children were with other family members after the homicide. Bailor is facing criminal homicide and first-degree murder charges.

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