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Bears enjoy new home in Snyder County

Some new residents at a rescue in Snyder County are enjoying their "beary nice" surroundings right now.

PENNS CREEK, Pa. — Himalayan Black Bears are known for the distinct "V" shape on their chest. They are typically found in Asia, but these two have found their way to Penns Creek in Snyder County.

The two Himalayan Black Bears came to T&D's Cats of the World, an animal rescue near Middleburg, from an out-of-state zoo, Jennifer Mattive said. 

Mattive and her family own and operate T&D's Cats of the World.

"They spend a lot of time in mountain areas where they're from, so Nepal and Tibet and China, more mountainous areas. Being close to the ground, the gravity helps them with climbing," Mattive said.

The bears have been at T&D's since November and were in temporary housing.

"So that we can get used to them, they can get used to us. We can figure out what they like and don't like. The veterinarian can come out and give them a check, make sure everything is okay," Mattive said.

Last week the bears were moved to a new, permanent enclosure. 

"One at a time, and they got in the pen very easily, and we moved them down very quickly," Mattive said.

Mattive says the new enclosure is about one acre.

"They have grass and trees and a little pool they can get into and have some fun," Mattive said.

T&D's Cats of the World is open on weekends and Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for tours through the end of the summer.

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