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Shorthanded eateries looking for help

From fast-food to sit-down restaurants, eatery owners say they can't find workers.

OLD FORGE, Pa. — From fast food to fancy sit-down restaurants, eateries across northeastern and central Pennsylvania are shorthanded.

From dishwashers to cooks to wait staff, there are jobs out there, but it seems like not a lot of people are applying to eateries throughout Northeast and Central PA.

"Before this all started, I could put an ad on classified, help wanted/classified, anyone, Craig's List you know all these job apps you could go one, it would be one day I would get 10 applicants. Now it's on for 10 days; I get one applicant. There's no one applying for jobs," said Pat Revello, who owns Revello's Pizza in Old Forge.

Job experts said this is a problem not only here, but across the country right now.

Business owners call it just another frustration during this pandemic.

"I think a lot of it is the unemployment, the pandemic unemployment payments which people are getting, I mean 600 dollars staying at home is a lot better than going to work. I think we all would like that. I think that has a lot to do with it," said Lisa Waitre of Browns Hill Tavern in Mill Hall.

Restaurant owners said they are not exactly sure how to fix this problem, but they are doing their best with the staff they have and hoping things turn around soon.

 "I know all my friends who are restaurant owners are really working more than ever now, you know, just to fill in these voids. It's just, no one has come back to work for us, and I hear that all around in the industry," said Revello.

 "If we don't find somebody, we may have to close our doors. We're stranded. We went from 24 employees to 11," said Waite.