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Seniors struggling with sensory loss

The past year has been a struggle, especially for seniors coping with sensory loss.

TUNKHANNOCK, Pa. — Experts say 83 percent of senior citizens have some kind of sensory loss.

Whether it is hearing, sight, memory, or something else, this pandemic has made things even more difficult for them.

"It kind of opens your eyes up to understanding more and being able to empathize, oh, my gosh, this is what makes you appreciate what you have," said Jessica Blomain of Home Instead Senior Care.

Masks, for example, can muffle sound, making hearing and understanding people especially difficult.

“Maybe they rely on reading lips sometimes to make sense of what is being said. It is more difficult to understand what’s being said.”

Those working with seniors say the pandemic also really hurt their ability to connect with others.

It has led to more isolation and even depression.

They are hoping this sheds some light on exactly what those seniors struggle with daily.

“Families, loved ones, caregivers can try to make the environment more welcoming, more inclusive, more aging-friendly so that they don’t feel so isolated," said Blomain.