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Who cooks the best scrapple?

A business in Schuylkill County is holding a cooking contest on Saturday to find out.

PINE GROVE, Pa. — What comes to mind when you hear the word scrapple?

"For me, since I grew up on a farm and I've been making it since I can remember, a lot of work. Messy work, but well worth it the next morning when you get that fresh slice of fried scrapple," said Mark Lehr, owner of Lehr's Feed and Farm Supplies.

Lehr's Feed and Farm Supplies in Pine Grove is holding a scrapple challenge to see who's elite at cooking up this Pennsylvania Dutch delicacy.

"We had a fire a few years ago and we rebuilt. Last year, late fall, we thought, well we sell a lot of the supplies for making scrapple and why don't we just have a challenge to see who can make the best scrapple?" Lehr said.

And that's how the scrapple challenge was born in this part of Schuylkill County. Last year's event that was a big hit. Dozens attended, as eight people competed in the cookoff. This year, 13 contestants will be participating.

"It's just exciting to see the excitement of the people, how they come together as a group to just vote for their favorite," Debbie Lehr said.

If you'd like to come, try some of the scrapple, and vote, you can, all for the sum of $1. All proceeds go to Operation Hugs and Kisses, a charity in Pine Grove. The event kicks off at 9 a.m. on Saturday.