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Tamaqua Neighbors Relieved that Firefighters Contained Weekend Blaze

TAMAQUA, Pa. — A fire in Tamaqua over the weekend displaced three people. Neighbors say it’s a miracle more units, and more people weren’t aff...

TAMAQUA, Pa. -- A fire in Tamaqua over the weekend displaced three people.

Neighbors say it's a miracle more units, and more people weren't affected.

Neighbors say the fire began after a loud bang and flames began to pour from the roof. The woman who called the fire into 911 says fast-acting first responders kept the fire contained to one building with two row homes.

The fire destroyed a row-home on Gay Street early Sunday morning. Neighbors report hearing a loud bang right before the fire broke out.

"Glass came out, flames came out, I don't know if it was paper or what else came out with it or what, and I just flew across and called 911," said neighbor Joan Anne Garber.

The fire began in a two-family home. Only one man was displaced from the unit, but according to neighbors, a group of people scattered from the home during the fire. Neighbors tell me they weren't surprised to see lights and sirens at this particular place.

"Numerous nights of endless sleep because we don't know what to expect next. Several times fire departments have come to put out fires in the kitchen," Lillian Birkmier said.

“When you take care of your place, and you have (people) next door that don't seem to really care you, become afraid," Garber said.

The fire also displaced a couple from the unit next door. One of them spent the day Monday trying to salvage whatever he could from inside, but there's not much left.

The former residents showed us their missing ceiling, water dripping onto the floor, and the few belongings that remain inside. Neighbors are thankful the couple, and their dog all made it out alive

“They're not just neighbors. They become like family," Birkmier said.

The woman who called 911 thanks the first responders who came

"They were fabulous. They were here before I could even get out of the house," Garber said.

There is no word on the location of the man who lived in the unit where the fire began. Neighbors say the couple who lived next door is staying at a friend’s house in Tamaqua.

Officials have not yet determined the cause.