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Shroud of Turin Exhibit

SHENANDOAH — In Schuylkill County, dozens of people came out to visit “The Shroud of Turin” an exhibit at St. Michael’s Church in Shenan...

SHENANDOAH -- In Schuylkill County, dozens of people came out to visit "The Shroud of Turin" an exhibit at St. Michael's Church in Shenandoah.

The replica of the shroud is an exact copy the one Jesus is believed to have worn during his resurrection, and on Sunday many rejoiced for the chance to see it.

Catholics believe the Shroud of the Turin is the sacred piece of cloth wrapped around Jesus Christ in his tomb, right before he rose from the dead.

"There's been a lot of studies and work done on it, and all of the work proves to everyone that this truly must be an image left by some other means," said Monsignor Myron Grabowsky of St. Michael Church.

At the church in Shenandoah, the Shroud of Turin exhibit will showcase the piece of cloth that Catholics believe displays Jesus' face.

Catholics believe this is an exact replica of the real Shroud of Turin in Italy.

Pope Benedict the 16th approved nine replicas of the actual shroud, and then individually blessed the cloths.

Each cloth was sent on tours all around the world.

"How many of us can really go to Turin, and that's the feeling of the holy father, to let everyone see this, what the lord has left behind for us," said Monsignor Grabowsky.

Many said they are so excited that the pope would do this, and it is a bitter sweet time for some followers now that Pope Benedict the 16th is stepping down.

"John Paul the second, that previous Pope was one of my favorites, Pope Benedict has also been very good, and I'm hoping and praying that the next successor will be just as good," said Robin Wasatonic Coopersburg.

For the many many people that came out to Shenandoah from all over Pennsylvania, some waiting for over a year. This is something everyone can admire.

"Not just for Catholics, not just for Christians, it's for all people to appreciate," said William Jones of Allentown.

"It's like everyone has been touched in some way. They come with mixed feelings and emotions and when they behold it, they leave a whole different way," said Monsignor Grabowsky.

The Shroud of Turin exhibit will be on display for the next two weeks at St. Michael's Church in Shenandoah.

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